General Information

Tourist agency Apolinar Malinska

Company name: Apolinar d.o.o.
Headquarters / address: Dubašljanska 71, 51511 Malinska, Croatia
Basic capital: HRK 18,000.00
Founder: Sonja Žic-Milčetić
Authorized representative: Sonja Žic-Milčetić
OIB (Identification number): 59374514777
Registration number of the subject (MBS): 040086527
VAT-ID (VAT-ID): HR59374514777
Name of the travel agency: Apolinar Malinska
Type of agency: Tourist agency, travel organizer and mediator
Business manager: Sonja Žic-Milčetić

Phone: +385 51 869 011
Fax: +385 51 869 012

Notification of jurisdiction:
The activity of the tourist agency is subject to the supervision of the MINISTRY OF TOURISM, Independent Sector of Tourist Inspection, 10 000 Zagreb, Trg Hrvatske Republike 8/II

Notice on the right to submit written objections:
Pursuant to the provisions of Art. 6. Paragraph 1. item 3. Act on the provision of services in tourism NN no. 130/17, we inform our valued service users that if they are not satisfied with our services, they can submit their complaints to:

  • by mail to the address of the headquarters – (Apolinar d.o.o., Dubašljanska 71, 51511 Malinska)
  • by e-mail – (
  • by fax – (+385 51 869 012)
    • in written form in business premises – (Dubašljanska 71, 51511 Malinska)

      Upon the submitted complaint of the service user, the receipt of the complaint will be confirmed in writing without delay, and the complaint will be answered in writing within 15 days from the day of receiving the complaint.